10 Important signs that your body needs a detox

10 Important signs that your body needs a detox

Before getting onto the primary signs that indicate that you may need a detox, it is important to know why a full body detox is important. Our body is self-healing and self-renewing, but with the increasingly toxic environment and lifestyle, it is important that we give our bodies that little extra bit of something to make things happen. Detoxifying the body means getting rid of the waste that the body produces as part of regular metabolic processes. 

A hindered detoxification process tends to result in a lack of energy, and a decreased level of immunity, making the body susceptible to infections and diseases. Since our bodies' capabilities of naturally detoxing are gradually decreasing, it becomes important to “reset” our bodies occasionally. But in our fast paced world, how do you know if you’re in dire need of a detox, or just fatigued?  

1. You are constantly tired

If you notice a general drop in motivation and energy levels, constantly feel depressed, and find yourself becoming increasingly unstable emotionally, your body could call out for a detox. This is especially true if you find yourself feeling increasingly fatigued even after getting a night of good sleep. 

2. You seem to be having unusual digestive processes

A sign that your body requires a break could be your unexplained and erratic digestive problems. This may be caused due to the increased absorption of toxins into your bloodstream or a lack of antioxidants in your diet. Constipation, diarrhoea, unusual bloating and irregular bowel movements could be a sign that it’s time for a detox.

3. You fall sick very often

If your immunity is running low, and you experience frequent bouts of cold, flu, nausea, dizziness and general aches and fatigue, it could be a sign of your body needing a break from toxins. Since your gut and your immunity are interconnected, you may need to watch your gut health as well. 

4. You have poor memory and concentration

Feeling lightheaded and fuzzy-brained and lacking mental clarity could be a sign of your body being overworked, without having sufficient time to reset. This could be your cue that it is time to detox.

5. You are irritable and ready to snap

If you find yourself having more and more of those days when you are irritable and stressed, you may be in need of  detox immediately. Your body and mind feel the stress of being overworked first, which affects the production of dopamine, or the happy hormone. This may also lead to anxiety in the long run, which can be significantly harder to treat. 

6. Your body has unexplained aches and pains

When there is a large number of toxins present in your body, it may lead to inflammation of muscles and joints. This translates to aches, pains and soreness in several parts of your body, which could adversely affect your mobility. 

7. You suffer from all kinds of skin problems

Allergies, rashes, dryness and several other skin problems are usually the first signs of your body calling out for a detox. It could also signify that you may need to cut back on processed foods and focus on consuming whole foods instead. 

8. You are having trouble with sleep

An imbalance in your cortisone levels means that you could suffer from insomnia. When there is an accumulation of toxins inside the body, it can affect your circadian rhythm. This affects your sleep cycle and results in you not being able to get a good night’s rest. 

9. You crave certain foods

This isn't hunger, but if you find yourself craving food, without it satisfying your hunger, it could be a tell-tale sign that your body needs a detox.Highly processed foods also contain additives that may be difficult for the body to break down and metabolism thus resulting in  building up of toxins in the body. 

10. You suffer from body odour

Despite practicing good hygiene and oral habits, your body seems to be producing odour and you seem to suffer from bad breath. This happens because of the amount of toxins present inside your body, that cannot find a release. 

A detox could help with flushing out toxins from your system, and help in “resetting” your bodily functions. In addition to this, removing all inflammatory foods from your diet and replacing it with easy metabolised foods may help to simplify the naturally occurring process of detoxification. 

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