5 Superfoods To Improve Gut Health

5 Superfoods To Improve Gut Health

After a long day of work, a bowl of instant noodles can be easy to prepare and gratifying to eat. But in this quest for nutritional shortcuts, we often forget that our gut, which dictates our overall well-being, doesn’t appreciate processed food. The ease of preparation and consumption cannot make up for the nutrients that one is missing out on that are inherent in freshly cooked food – especially in ingredients that are superfoods.

Our gut houses a complex system of microorganisms - mainly bacteria - that carry out all digestive activities. Not only is it complicated, but it is also immensely sensitive to the inner and outer world of the person. The stress from the outer world can drastically alter the composition of the delicate ecosystem of organisms that exists in the gut. The gut and the brain are closely connected. If one is stressed, they are most likely going to feel flutters in their tummy.

Similarly, whatever one eats has a direct effect on the composition of the microbiome existing in our gut. Good bacteria will keep you healthy and help you to have a productive lifestyle. An excess of harmful bacteria will cause health issues. Therefore, it becomes imperative to choose healthy alternatives for meals.

Five superfoods that are super good for your gut:

Consciously choosing to consume superfoods can drastically improve your gut health. Here are five superfoods that can easily be included in your meals.


Whole grains are a very healthy option when one is trying to include superfoods in their diet. Not only are they full of fibre which is good for the gut, but they also keep one full for a longer time. This helps in cutting down on frequent and unhealthy snacking. Along with that, whole grains are good to have in the kitchen because they can be cooked in a variety of ways so that one never gets bored of eating them!


Apart from being an incredibly flavorful aromatic, it also aids digestion. Ginger as a superfood also helps in reducing inflammation in one’s body. A staple in most Indian kitchens, ginger has been used as a medicinal root for several centuries. Adding it to your curries, pickling it, or simply brewing it with some tea are good ways to consume ginger for better gut health.


Beans and legumes are a common sight in Indian kitchens in the form of dal, rajma, chole etc. They are high in protein and fibre and very good for gut health. Consumption of beans and legumes regularly helps in enabling bowel movement. Our body processes them very slowly which makes us feel full for longer when we eat them.

Flax Seeds:

A quick sprinkle of flax seeds on your yoghurt or salads can work wonders for your gut health. Along with adding more texture to your meal, it aids the production of mucus in your gut which makes the process of digestion much easier. They too are high in fibre and reduce inflammation in the body. So next time, don’t forget to add flax seeds to your smoothie to make it healthier!


Onions are prebiotic. They act as fuel for good bacteria to create more good bacteria. This promotes a healthy environment for your gut. The fact that they are full of nutrients makes sure that they are a healthy addition to any meal. Onions are a versatile ingredient and can be used in many ways. They can be used as the base for curries, added to salads, or simply eaten as a palate cleanser.

Including these superfoods in your daily diet will not only improve the flavour of your food but will also keep your gut healthy and happy. So the next time you go to buy your groceries, make sure that these ingredients are in your cart!

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