Ayurvedic Approach To Losing Weight!

Ayurvedic Approach To Losing Weight!

We belong to the beautiful and magical land of India which was the originating place of Ayurveda and many other concepts in the field of health and wellness. Medical systems such as Ayurveda have been mentioned in the Vedas and other ancient scriptures.

Its epistemological meaning is ‘science of life’ or ‘science of longevity’, which is such a marvellous concept. In fact, in Hindu mythology, there has been the existence of strong Brahmanical prescriptions which instructed us to ‘live for a hundred years’ or at least to the end of the natural life span.

According to Ayurveda, losing weight is not just for looking good but there is a deeper motive of disease prevention behind. It finds the root cause behind this symptom and gives short/long term changes in diet and lifestyle for the betterment. 

Let us take a look at some of the ways by ayurveda for weight loss.

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1. Getting Your Priorities Straight

Accepting the problem and planning the future accordingly is the first step in solving any issue. Before starting anything, you must first make health your priority and then actively work on improving it. 

2. Goodnight, Sweet Dreams!

Sleeping for only 1 hour extra in a day leads to weight loss. Yes, you read that right. Research shows that people who are on their weight loss journey who add an extra hour to their average sleeping schedule can lose up to 200 calories as if you sleep more you can prevent late night snacking and may help moderate your appetite. 

3. Fasting…Slowly

We have always seen our parents fasting on various occasions or a specific day of the week, but have you ever wondered why they do it and is there even any logic behind it? Well, there is! According to research, when we fast for some time our body exhausts its stored sugar and starts burning fat. Fasting is a part of all the spiritual therapies, which focuses on detoxing and rejuvenation of our body. 

4. Having A Kapha-Pacifying Diet

What is a kapha-balancing diet? It is a way of living! Things like lethargy, laziness, excessive sleep and constipation are some of the major causes of kapha imbalance.

It thrives on a fairly minimalistic diet with smaller meals, little to no snacking, fewer sweets, an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, a variety of legumes, minimal alcohol, and lighter fare all around. A kapha-pacifying diet is really good for losing weight and your health in general as well. 

5. Get Moving! 

You need to move in order to lose weight. You can either go for a walk, jog, do yoga, go to the gym or you can indulge in whichever activity that you like and can add to your daily routine. You can’t lose weight if you sit all day long. And if your daily hectic routine doesn’t allow you to add an intense physical activity to your day, find a way to move around anyway. Instead of sitting while working you can stand and work. Ditch the elevator and use the stairs instead. 

What we must understand is the importance and the legitimacy of our Indian techniques and cultures and be proud of it. But this isn’t it! There is another ayurvedic solution for this.

To take away the stress of losing weight, we’ve come up with an ayurvedic medicine for weight loss - Meta Re-Balance. It  is backed by the ayurveda sciences. Like every food supplement coming from LYEF Wellness, Meta Re-Balance goes through a meticulous bhavana process to invigorate the medicinal effect.

Thriphala Kwatha- the famous ayurvedic blend of three fruits further enhances the metabolic functions of the body contributing to the overall health and active life of an individual. The principal ingredient, along with the bhavana medicine ensures thridosha shamana  or alleviation of three  doshas resulting in a balanced or regulated metabolism.

Contemporary lifestyle has forced many unwelcome gifts on us. Conditions like obesity, overweight and diabetes today are not restricted to the 40 plus. Lack of physical activity, a fatal fondness for junk food and an overall negligence towards health- owing to all these ailments start taking on right from the early stage itself.

Weight being one of the principal factors determining healthy metabolism, Meta Re-Balance is for those who want to battle overweight and an army of allied ailments that tag along. When augmented with a diet regime and well- planned physical activities, the supplement will shorten the distance to your healthy living goals.

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