How To Detox Your Body The Right Way

How To Detox Your Body The Right Way

All of us have heard terms like “detox” or “rejuvenate” or “cleansing” on social media. For most of us these words mean getting a massage at the spa, relaxing or probably drinking detox waters. But it is way more than that, even the literal meaning of these terms differ from each other.

Detox basically refers to a process during a period of time in which one gets rid of toxins or unhealthy substances from their body. 

Rejuvenate means to restore, to give a new energy. Cleansing refers to cleaning something thoroughly, mainly used for the skin. 

But have you ever wondered how to detox or rejuvenate your body as a whole?

We have all seen influencers on the internet consuming detox drinks, doing yoga or drinking some weird coloured liquid in the name of detox juices since it’s in trend. Let us check out some of those ways to make you feel refreshed and new!

Read till the end for a special solution.

1. Drinking More Water

Most people might underestimate the value and importance of water and because this is the most generic advice, “Drink more water!”. But as cliche as it is, it is the most basic thing you must add to your body. Water keeps you hydrated, refreshed and it helps maintain the glow of the skin.

Intake of water in large amounts can reduce the risks of having scars, wrinkles and soft lines. It is also said that drinking an appropriate amount of water regularly can slow ageing a little in comparison to the people who don’t. 

2. Frequent Exercise

A quick workout thrice a week will probably sound tiring or ‘too much work’ for some people, but it is necessary for us to stay active. Let's consider our bodies as a machine, so if we’ll not use it frequently then it will start rusting and the usability will decrease in a uniform manner. 

When we do any physical activity, our heart rate increases which then improves the blood circulation of the whole body. This improved blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to all the parts of our body. 

3. Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is an unhealthy habit regardless of what your reason is, be it peer pressure or curiosity or addiction. But one can always reduce the amount or limit it if not stop it for good. Drinking less alcohol can reduce bloating, decrease the swelling and clear your skin. It can give you an overall healthy glow. 

4. Getting Enough Sleep

For some people 4 hours of sleep might feel more than enough to stay energised all day long and for others even 11 hours of sleep might make them feel drowsy during their day to day activities. The need for sleep differs from person to person but on an average you should have around 7-8 hours of sleep.

In today’s world of hustle culture and 9-7 working hours, we are not getting enough sleep regardless of what we want and it affects our mind and body all throughout the day. Sleeping helps in increasing the blood flow of skin and organs in rebuilding their collagen. Our body also repairs damages from UV exposure while we sleep.

5. A Balanced Metabolism 

Metabolic detoxification can help you live a healthier life. There are numerous toxins in the environment surrounding us. From the air we breathe to the junk food we eat, most of the things we consume hampers our metabolism and in turn our health. In order to boost immunity and have a balanced metabolism you must try out Meta Re-Balance.

It is an amazing ayurvedic supplement if you want to boost up your metabolism and kick-start your wellness journey. Since we all know that contemporary lifestyle has forced many unwelcome gifts on us. Conditions like obesity, overweight and diabetes today are not restricted to the 40 plus.

Lack of physical activity, a fatal fondness for junk food and an overall negligence towards health-owing to all these ailments start taking on right from the early stage itself. It helps in rejuvenating the body and brings back the glow of your skin.

For some of the people, these solutions might seem regular or simple, but even while knowing all these they hardly follow it. All these things should be done regardless of what excuse you use, be it detoxing or rejuvenating or even a new year’s resolution!

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