How to prevent acne?

How to prevent acne?

The transition to adolescence is often an emotionally and physically disturbing process. Through it all, acne is one major contributor to angst in a teenager’s life. While it is an entirely natural process, acne can often influence a teenager’s self-esteem.

This, in turn, plays a role in their interpersonal relationships and perception of the self. But unfortunately, this is not a problem that is limited to teens. Many adults struggle with it too. Thus, knowing how to deal with acne actively and even prevent it becomes essential. 

What causes acne? 

The foremost reason for acne is the fact that teenagers, in whom it is the most prevalent, are going through a very transformative period in their life. Their hormones work hard to make growth happen and help them mature. This activity can often lead to the excess of one hormone which leads to a hormonal imbalance. The result is acne

In Ayurvedic skin care, it is widely believed that all skin diseases are the result of impure blood. That’s why the increased consumption of processed and fast food among teenagers is another cause of why acne is becoming so common. It adds toxins to the blood which then manifests as acne. This can also be the product of a diet that has excessive amounts of meat and dairy in it. It, therefore, becomes very important to eat healthily for healthy skin. 

Menstruation is another contributor to acne. Whenever one’s body prepares to menstruate, there are significant hormonal shifts. These shifts can cause a breakout of acne. Along with this, the external environment is also a primary cause of acne in teenagers. The high levels of pollution and dust can damage the skin's outer layer, which becomes susceptible to skin problems like acne. Another reason could be not removing makeup properly, using products that are incompatible with skin types, and using it too much. 

Healthy habits for preventing acne

Now that we are more aware of why acne is rampant across ages, we are better equipped to inculcate certain habits that can help us battle acne’s effects. Here are some habits that can help you to maintain acne-free skin! 

1. Have a healthy sleep schedule: 

Sleep is something that many people skimp on in favour of work or that one extra episode of the show they are watching. While it may not have any immediate effects, it does have an impact on your overall health in the long run. Sleep gives our body the time it needs to heal properly. If we deprive it of the required time then our body will not be able to make the required repairs on our skin. At least 7-9 hours of sleep is required to keep our skin healthy. 

2. Make healthier food choices: 

You are what you eat. The preference for processed and deep fried food often results in oily skin which inevitably leads to acne. Thus, to maintain healthy skin, it is imperative to have a healthy diet too. Green vegetables, lentils, fruits, and whole grains promote acne-free skin. One can also consume manjistha and neem along with turmeric for skin detoxification

3. Clean up: 

Skin is a very sensitive organ. Whatever it touches, it absorbs. This is why keeping your surroundings and make-up brushes clean becomes essential. If it is not clean, then the next use will allow bacteria to come in contact with the skin. The bacteria will lead to inflammation and cause acne. The need for cleanliness is not just limited to the make-up brush. The pillows, sheets, and blankets should also be clean to make sure that there is no unnecessary exposure to bacteria. 

4. Wash your face twice a day:

Washing one’s face twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening – ensures the skin is clean and healthy. For this, a mild cleanser and water are suggested. But it is also advised to not overdo this as too much exposure to water can wash away the essential oils that are required to nourish the skin.  

5. Put the sunscreen on:

The sun’s rays can be harsh on the skin and cause much damage. Sunscreen prevents skin cancer, sunburn, and premature ageing of the skin. Thus, it is highly advisable to put on an adequate amount of sunscreen before going out in the sun. 

Making these activities a part of one’s daily life is sure to keep acne away. People often forget to take care of their skin during the hustle of life. But if we take out the time to nurture the skin that protects us so diligently, then there are only rewards to be reaped. Take the first step to better skincare today. 

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